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99% Server Up Time

You require not to worry about your message whether it is going to deliver or not.

24x7 Customer Care

Whenever you want, you can call us. You will get solutions to your problems.

Unlimited Validity

We provide you unlimited validity SMS. It means you can use your SMS credit life long.

No Hidden Cost

No setup fee, no hidden cost, no monthly fee, no recurring cost. No hidden cost at all.

User-friendly Admin Panel

A small kid can even operate our Admin Panel. Easy to use and fast.

No Documents Needed

We require no documents to activate your bulk SMS services. Just call us and start instantly.

API Keys

For Software/application/website, we provide SMS gateway free of cost. Easy integration of API Keys.

100% Delivery

We provide 100% SMS delivery to Active Numbers. You also get delivery Reports.

Frequently Asked Questions.

98% People open their SMS, so you get 98% winning situations. Best for Branding and influencing people for any product and service. 

SMS is responded 19%, which is the highest number for any marketing tool. This feature makes SMS to the prime tool of this century. 

76% of users checks their Message Box rather than an email inbox. The SMS response rate is 19% whereas email response rate is 4.2%.

Fast Action – 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes. This makes it a powerful tool. Your message can be read fast.

A habit of Opening SMS – 25% of People check their SMS box 100 times a day. This habit of your users make you star and help you to brand yourself. 

SMS Usages – 81% of users use SMS for text communication. SMS is one of the best techniques. People have trust in this. 

A user can easily trust on SMS rather than email/chat and etc. SMS gives you local touch and trust feel. Sales conversion is high through SMS marketing.

People trust in things which are old, reliable, and which are used by trustworthy people/brand like hospitals, banks, schools, and big businesses, etc. 

Excellent experience with you for bulk SMS Service - I am so happy with the service of your organisation and your kind & best support for the SMS service and it is user-friendly and it was great experience to had with you and I will always prefer to my professional colleagues to take services in which your organisation dealing and I must appreciate you at all.
CMA Vinay Kumar Srivastava
Member of ICAI, Lucknow Chapter
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